Bradley K. Ward, ACC

Name: Bradley K. Ward, ACC (Brad)

Jungian Archetype: Hero; pursues mastery that improves the world.

Personal Mission: to leave the world a better place than I found it.

What keeps me going: people and organizations doing good. My husband and dogs. Gratitude. Laughter!

My personal mission is a big task for one person. But helping clients improve their ability to manage themselves and their relationships means I’ve helped make the world a better place for them and those around them.

The power of emotional intelligence coaching…

isn’t limited to individuals. Organizations that promote strong emotional intelligence in their staff report lower stress levels than those that don’t. It can give your staff greater capacity to manage themselves, their workload, and their relationships. I saw it at work during my 20 year nonprofit sector career.

My primary focus was on developing the people and organizations I worked with. I created diagnostic tools to assess organizational capacities, strengthened financial and program monitoring processes, and tightened controls on runaway spending to prevent an organization from running out of cash. My nonprofit experience gave me insights into the realities and structural challenges of nonprofit organizations, and now I collaboratively develop solutions to allow them to thrive.

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Do what you do, better!

Bradley K. Ward is an Associate Certified Coach credentialed through the International Coach Federation.