Bradley K. Ward, ACC

Name: Bradley K. Ward, ACC (Brad)

Mantra: I am a powerful agent of change.

What Inspires Me: people and organizations doing good in their communities. My husband and dogs. Gratitude. Laughter!

Core Values: Social Justice. Empowerment. Achievement. Helpfulness. Meaning in Life.

Personal Mission: to leave the world a better place than I found it.

My personal mission is a big task for one person. But by helping clients reconnect to their strengths, purpose, and optimism, I’ve helped make the world a better place for them and those around them. And seeing my clients’ self-empowerment lets me know I’m aligned with my core values.

The power of transformational coaching

…isn’t limited to individuals. Organizations that use team coaching transform not only the individuals but the capabilities of the team being coached. It can unlock more potential than coaching individuals, alone.

Your transformation is my mission. Are you ready to get started?


Do what you do, better!

Bradley K. Ward is an Associate Certified Coach credentialed through the International Coach Federation.